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Handmade soya mood therapy candles


Two sizes available medium 20cl and large 30cl


Bliss Mood Therapy Fragrance Oil.

A crisp and fruity fragrance where shimmering pink citrus and sweet, fresh pear lead to a floral heart entwined with magnolia, honeysuckle, lily and rose. A sensual base of amber and musk create a warm and memorable close.


Comforting Mood Therapy Fragrance Oil.

A cocooning gourmand fragrance that opens with the delicious aroma of rich white chocolate, layered over a sweet creamy heart. A warm cushion of soft vanilla welcome opulent and charming close. 


Delight Mood Therapy

A joyful blend of sweet fruits, topped with sparkling lemon and orange, warmed by soft peach, apple and red berries. Creamy coconut leads to a gentle floral heart, before coming to rest on a smooth bed on vanilla musk.


Energise Mood Therapy Fragrance Oil.

Sweet and fruity, the fragrance burst to life with dazzling fresh citrus tones blended with crisp apple, and breezy ozonic notes. A vibrant heart of lily, jasmine and orchid comes to rest on a base of autumn leaves, sweetened with sugar and gentle musk’s.


Refresh Mood Therapy Fragrance Oil.

Zesty and bright, this fruity citrus fragrance is topped by a memorable blend of orange and bergamot, cooled by ripe orchard apples. A verdant green floral bouquet of muguet and jasmine is layered over soft musk and woods.


Serene Mood Therapy Fragrance Oil.

Intoxicating florals are sweetened by the scent of summer fruits, before powdery petals of lilac and white jasmine soften a herbal heart of lavender and pine. A sweet balsamic base of woods, musk and vanilla create a lingering trail.


candles will be dispatched within 2-3 working days


comes in a sleek black glass with a hessian bag


75% of our emotions are triggered by smell alone, and our sense of smell is most closely linked to the part of our brain responsible for emotional and memory processing, producing thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

This gives scent the power to spark memories and modulate your mood.




mood therapy candle range

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