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choice of gluten FREE sweets:

  • assorted mallows
  • blackberry and raspberry gums
  • bubblegum bottles large
  • BUBS sour lemon and raspberry skulls
  • BUBS watermelon
  • bunnies
  • cherry bon bons
  • cola bottles
  • filled strawberry mallows
  • fizzy cherry bottles
  • fizzy chips
  • fizzy strawberry
  • fizzy twin cherries
  • friendship rings
  • gummy bones
  • happy flowers
  • jelly sharks
  • jelly unicorns
  • mallow poles
  • marshmallow flowers
  • peach rings
  • raspberry bon bons
  • red lips
  • strawberry bon bons
  • strawberry milkshake bottles
  • strawberry twist
  • toffee bon bons
  • twin cherries
  • watermelon bon bons
  • watermelon slices
  • wine gums


this box comes in four sizes:


small 100g pouch


medium 500g box


large 1kg


share 2kg


All allergens are listed under the individual sweets.


Gluten FREE sweet selection

  • For allergens please see ingredients listed in bold in each individual sweet listing.


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